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End of Residential Energy Agreement Notice


Village Residents,

You should have recently received notice from Ameren that your current electric choice agreement is expiring in December 2022.  For the last two years, Cerro Gordo residents who did not opt out of the aggregation agreement have been receiving their electrical supply at a fixed rate of 4.29 cents per kWh.  Good Energy, the Village’s energy consultants, was working to secure another long-term contract with an energy supplier for our multi-municipality aggregate.  Unfortunately, with energy prices at near historic highs, the best agreement we were offered was approximately 11.9 cents per kWw for 22 months.  Our aggregate community leaders agreed that entering an agreement at that price for nearly two years was not in the best interests of residents in our communities.  We are not able to begin negotiations again for 12 months (December 2023).  As a result, residents will revert back to the Ameren rate, which is currently around 12.2 cents per kWh.  Individual residents can also search for their own alternate energy supplier.  More information about this option can be found on the Ameren website here: Electric Choice Home | Ameren Illinois - Ameren Illinois.  You may also receive direct solicitations from companies offering alternate energy supplier services.  If you do seek an alternate energy supplier through the website or elsewhere, please review all contracts carefully prior to signing.  Not all alternate energy suppliers are reputable or have terms beneficial to the purchaser.



Kevin Frazier

Village President